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Why JEQrepublic?

The talent industry has unintentionally (maybe intentionally, but we'll be charitable) taught creators one thing: you are only worth the number of those who follow you. The largest mistake of this concept is the fact that incredible talent is found within some of the hardest-to-reach corners. This is very hard to prove on your own, especially as an aspiring creator.


We understand how you feel. We've been told before that our work isn't worth charging for, that we'd never make a living, that we should just get a desk job and do our "hobby" in our free time. So we listened. We put the love for our craft on the back burner and focused on the daily 9-5. 


During this time, we realized it was up to us to change the way the industry and the world works, and the way creators are viewed as a whole. We should be allowed to flourish by doing what we love. We should be able to make a living with a life path surrounding what we want, not what someone else planned for us. We created JEQrepublic Talent Management to show the world what is hidden just out of sight, and give those who otherwise wouldn't have the chance, an opportunity to thrive. 

With powerful tools, resources, and guidance, we at JEQrepublic promise to take you by the hand and help you through the entire journey. The first steps are always the scariest, why go at it alone?


JEQrepublic is changing how creators are viewed across the world. Ready to be part of the change? We can help you get started with your personal creator goals. We offer an extensive selection of general services, free to creators of all types. General services are free and always will be. We offer some pay services, such as consignment sales, that are not required to take part in JEQrepublic's free services.


So what are you waiting for? Join JEQrepublic today, and be on the front lines of changing the working world for creators, for good.